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Written by Your SmartNet Team   

SmartNet DSL provides value-based high-speed Internet access to your home or office, with unmatched personalized customer support.  The large carriers may charge less for DSL, but usually only during an introductory period, or combined with other services, and never with the level of attention that you'll get from SmartNet DSL.

When you get SmartNet DSL, you get all the equipment you need to be up and running within a few moments, including free wireless WiFi access for your laptop, iPad and other devices, a built-in firewall and router on the DSL modem (so there's no extra software that you need to install on your computers), and the phone assistance of your personal Account Technician.  With SmartNet DSL, you can connect up to four other computers wired together to create a home network and share your Internet access, and you can add even more through the wireless capabilities that we include for free.  What's more, your Internet connection is always up and running, ready whenever you are.

With SmartNet DSL, you can get up to eight @smart.net email addresses for your family members or colleagues, and you get free personal or small business web hosting.  You can even select to use a Joomla or WordPress site (perfect for setting up your own, personal blog) with no additional fees.  If you select SmartNet Professional DSL or higher, you can even get your company's domain name management, domain-based email and professional web site packages for free.

If you're an existing SmartNet customer, you can add DSL to your account for as little as $12 more per month. 

Although SmartNet DSL is available all across the country, its availability may be limited in your area because of the way that DSL works.  You must already have a regular voice line (not an Internet-based phone line), or we can install a "dry loop" DSL with no voice service, as long as you have a free unused phone line at your home or business or can have one installed from the phone box connected to your building to where you want the DSL service connected inside.  The computers you want to connect must also have an Ethernet networking port, or WiFi capability.  Most computers purchased within the last five years have this capability already built in.