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Written by Your SmartNet Team   

At long last, SmartNet is switching to a newer, more secure platform where we can offer one of the most popular web site platforms:  LAMP, or Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP|Perl|Python.

Traditionally, Internet hosting providers have struggled with how to offer these services (especially PHP) in a shared hosting environment because of the ability for other users to gain undesired access to other web sites' data, especially configuration files that might contain sensitive information.  SmartNet uses the latest versions of Apache, MySQL and PHP, combined with suPHP, to ensure that your web site code (and the code of other users you don't know) run only with your credentials and therefore cannot break the barrier to other accounts or sensitive server resources.

Using this new, more secure platform, you can take full advantage of virtually all PHP functionality that Internet hosting providers, even today, still do not support.  What's more, your MySQL databases are protected by being stored on dedicated "black-boxed" servers that are not accessible via SSH, Telnet or other means.

While the migration of existing SmartNet customer data is still being tested and won't be performed until later this Spring, if you're eager to get started developing your web applications using this platform, contact your personal Account Technician today to discuss migrating your data on an individualized basis.  He or she will activate your account on the new SmartNet G2 platform and ensure that when your email and non-web site files are transferred later on, special attention will be paid to ensure no service interruption.

If you're new to SmartNet, contact us today at (866) 215-1414 to open a new hosting account and leverage this great new service for your personal or business web sites.